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Why is DNA testing important to you?

It means you never, ever have to eat a tough steak again!

Do all of our cattle make the DNA testing cut?

 NO!    They do not!

No more than 40% of our advanced herd make the grade and are fed to our discerning customers.  Only the cattle that meet our high standards are offered to you.  The rest  are sold on the open market for the less discriminating palates.

DNA testing tells you the propensity that you will get tender or tough beef.

How is this possible?  How does this work?

DNA samples are collected from live cattle when  they are young, then these samples are tested for the presence of genetic markers in the Calpain and Calpastatin genes.  These genes are involved in the post mortem tenderization process.

The right combination of Calpain and Calpastatin act to break down muscle fibers, thereby naturally tenderizing meat.  Cattle that do not have the positive forms of these genes will likely produce tough beef.

Does a higher quality grade mean you will get tender beef?

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By definition, higher marbling will yield a higher grade beef, but marbling is not the same as tenderness.   So, the answer is “maybe”.

What are the odds of an unpleasant beef eating experience?

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Look at the table below for the answer.  As an example, the odds of an unpleasant beef eating experience with PRIME grade is 1 in 33.  With CHOICE grade, the probability of an unpleasant dining experience is even higher.

The Chapman family ranches use two companies for DNA testing ---

(1) Bovigen and (2) Igenity

Please visit these sites for more details.

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