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The Chapman Family Ranches wants you to have the ultimate dining experience with our guaranteed tender beef.  We are dedicated to helping you achieve that goal.

Go HERE to order your tender beef directly from the Chapman Family Ranches.

We take your beef to a local processor that meets our exacting standards for quality processing. You are welcome to be present for the processing, or we will be there for you.

Except for steaks, the beef should hang for two weeks before processing.  We suggest that the steaks hang from four to six weeks to achieve the ultimate flavor profile and maximum tenderness  (YUM!)  The choice is yours, of course.  Burger meat and roast should be processed quickly to capture the fresh taste of our beef.

Whole or Half Beef?

What can you expect to get from a whole or half beef?

A steer will dress about 62% of his live weight.  Dressed weight means how much the steer will weigh after the hide, feet, offal, etc. are removed.   Meat cuts are made from the fore quarter (also known as the front quarter) and from the hind quarter.

The fore quarter will yield about 52% of the total dressed beef, and the hind quarter will yield about 48%.

What You Take Home

We have prepared two examples that will provide some idea of what you will be able to take home from your beef after it is processed.  However, what you take home will depend upon how you want the beef processed. The cuts in our examples are typical of what you would see at your local super market.

The examples are some possible suggestions on how to process beef.  We may recommend processing it slightly differently, or you may choose to process it differently.  Both will affect the amount of finished beef.

Example # 1:    Possible Cuts from a 1,250 pound steer.

Example # 2:   Possible Cuts from a 1,400 pound steer.

Some Possible Other Cuts to Consider.

With a whole beef you may have the liver, tongue, heart and even the kidney for your dog.  Again, the choice is yours.

Beef Can be Prepared in Many Ways!

With your beef purchase, we include, as our gift, a copy of the renowned Cattleman’s Beef Cook Book.

For additional suggestions, you will find many beef recipes and other valuable information on the  Texas Beef Council  web site.