Guaranteed Tender Beef

from the

Chapman Family Ranches

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After more than 160 years in the cattle business, the Chapman Family Ranches now offers natural, quality beef --- direct to you --- that is guaranteed tender

How do we do it?

DNA Testing!

With advanced DNA testing, the Chapman Family Ranches can GUARANTEE tenderness, marbling, grading, and dressed percentages for the beef that we sell.  DNA testing means you never have to eat a tough steak again!

Our cattle are strong, healthy, and naturally fattened on our ranch.   They are born, raised, and fed here,  and have never been in a crowded feed lot.  They stay in our ranch pastures with plenty of green grass and yellow dent corn.  They have been raised the way nature intended --- fresh grass, sunshine, and clear water just like the buffalo of old.

You may visit our ranch and see the cattle being fed, if you wish.  Visitors to the ranch are always welcome.

By visiting our ranch, you can see how our beef is treated, what they eat, and why you should get your beef from the Chapman Family Ranches.

You can even select the beef you like in person or pick from the DNA test data we provide to our customers.  We will be pleased to select a beef for you.

Do all of our premium cattle make the DNA testing cut?  NO! They do not.


Go to our DNA Testing page

   for details of our program.


Go HERE to order your tender beef directly from the Chapman Family Ranches.

When the Chapman family started ranching at Smithville, Texas in 1844 most people didn’t care if their beef was tender.   They were more concerned with quantity than quality.  They just wanted a big piece of beef!

The  Chapman family ranch cattle of today are far different from the Longhorns of the 1800’s.

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